Prince Chowdhury

Freelance Web Developer, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Prince Chowdhury

Freelance Web Developer, Trainer, Entrepreneur

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How to build career

To build your careerin freelancing sector

A Complete guideline for being freelancer
How to earn by freelancing? How to get job in freelancing? how much time it takes to be a freelaner? Is it hard or easy ? Is I am capable for freelancing works? what to learn to be a freelancer ?

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Web Designing

Web design is my first job before start a project and I have 4 people of team member and 5+ intern who are working at my agency.

Web Developing

I love to code PHP and Javascript in WordPress to develop custom functionality to extend core feature on wordpress websites.


More than 3 years I am growing up community with 200+ students to make them a professional and stable freelancer to build career.


I have a IT firm agency in Bangladesh which working more than 15+ people internally and externally in my office.

My Articles

I have step by step articles about IT career






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